Professional Registered Agent Services

Let us hire a professional registered agent for your business

Although anyone that meets the Texas registered agent requirements can serve as the registered agent, many of our business formation clients prefer to appoint a professional registered agent for this important position.

What is a Registered Agent?
What are the Registered Agent Requirements?

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (a third-party professional registered agent) has agreed to provide registered agent services to our clients for a discounted price of $120/year. We now have the ability to hire RASI for you in the event you desire a professional registered agent.

Can a business owner appoint a professional registered agent after the business has been formed?

Yes, a professional registered agent can be appointed at any time. If you have already formed an entity and wish to hire a professional registered agent, contact us to discuss further.

Advantages of Using a Professional Registered Agent

  1. Stability – The registered agent’s address must be kept current with the Texas Secretary of State. A professional registered agent shouldn’t move, but if they ever do, they are keenly aware of of this requirement and will promptly file a change of registered address with the TXSOS. Updating timely is important as you do not want to miss an important notice or receipt of a lawsuit.
  2. Reliability – Professional Registered Agents maintain records of when and what they received on behalf of their clients.
  3. Anonymity – The Registered Agent’s address must be a physical address in Texas (no PO Boxes or mail services allowed). Many home-based business do not want to disclose a home address to the public in the Certificate of Formation.

Typical Reasons to Hire a Professional Registered Agent

  • The business lacks a physical address;
  • The business is a home-based business;
  • You are not interested in receiving the added junk mail that comes to the registered office;
  • You can freely change your business location without having to file a change of registered agent form ($15) each time you move;
  • You can travel freely without worrying about missing delivery of a lawsuit and a subsequent default judgment;
  • You will receive important tax and legal documents via e-mail (instead of mail), if you so desire;
  • You do not want a process server or constable serving legal papers in front of your clients, employees, or neighbors;
  • You do not maintain normal business hours;
  • You do not currently live in Texas; and
  • You use a P.O. Box and do not want your home address used in a public record.

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