Professional Registered Agent Services

Let us hire a professional registered agent for your business

Although anyone that meets the Texas registered agent requirements can serve as the registered agent, many of our business formation clients prefer to appoint a professional registered agent for this important position.

What is a Registered Agent?

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (our favorite professional registered agent) normally charges $175/year, but they have agreed to charge my clients only $120/year. We have the ability to hire RASI for you in the event you desire a professional registered agent.

Can a business owner appoint a professional registered agent after the business has been formed?

Yes, a professional registered agent can be appointed at any time. If you have already formed an entity and wish to hire a professional registered agent, contact us to discuss further.

Advantages of Using a Professional Registered Agent

  1. Stability – The registered agent’s address must be kept current with the Texas Secretary of State. A professional registered agent shouldn’t move, but if they ever do, they are keenly aware of of this requirement and will promptly file a change of registered address with the TXSOS. Updating timely is important as you do not want to miss an important notice or receipt of a lawsuit.
  2. Reliability – Professional registered agents maintain records of when and what they received on behalf of their clients.
  3. Privacy - If you appoint yourself as your company’s registered agent, and you don’t have a separate business address, you may be tempted to use your home address to receive service of process. This perfectly legal—however, it may not be advisable. Your company’s registered agent address is kept on file with the state as a matter of public record, meaning that anyone who wants to look up the address can easily do so. This includes websites and scammers who pull data from state websites in bulk, and sell the information to marketers. Using a professional registered agent can help you keep your home address private.
  4. Avoid Embarrassment - If your company is ever sued, a process server or police officer may show up at your home or place of visit to present you with a summons. It can be embarrassing to be served in front of employees, customers or friends—and it can impact your business’s reputation. Hiring a registered agent protects your privacy, as your registered agent will receive all legal documents on your behalf, and notify you promptly and discreetly.
  5. Stay on top of state filings - Many professional registered agents don’t just receive documents on your behalf—they may also help you keep track of official notices and annual report due dates with the state. Using automated systems, they make it easier to remain in compliance, and give you one less thing to worry about. Professional registered agents can also digitize your important documents, making it easier to store and organize them, all in one place.
  6. Expand with ease - If your LLC or corporation operates in more than one state, you will be required to provide registered agent information for each state—with a physical address that must be in that state. A professional registered agent can provide you with a physical addresses in any state in which you wish to register.
  7. Keep any office hours you like - Registered agents must be available during normal business hours—but if you don’t keep regular hours, this can be a problem. Working with a professional registered agent allows you to work any hours you wish, knowing your agent will be able to accept paperwork and notices on your behalf during typical business hours.
  8. Travel without worry - Business owners who travel often may worry about missing important mail when they are away from the office. With a professional registered agent, you can continue to receive mail and alerts while traveling, via electronic delivery. You can also continue to receive mail if you move, or if your business changes its address, without being required to update your information with the state.

Typical Reasons to Hire a Professional Registered Agent

  • The business lacks a physical address;
  • The business is a home-based business;
  • You are not interested in receiving the added junk mail that comes to the registered office;
  • You can freely change your business location without having to file a change of registered agent form ($15) each time you move;
  • You can travel freely without worrying about missing delivery of a lawsuit and a subsequent default judgment;
  • You will receive important tax and legal documents via e-mail (instead of mail), if you so desire;
  • You do not want a process server or constable serving legal papers in front of your clients, employees, or neighbors;
  • You do not maintain normal business hours;
  • You do not currently live in Texas; and
  • You use a P.O. Box and do not want your home address used in a public record.

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